Here Come's the Sun

Here comes the much-awaited and seventh novel of Rod Lee is set to win your hearts in the paperback - Here comes the Sun. With reviews raving all-praised to the portrayal of every character, writing style, and the impressive cover pages. This book is a must-read to find out the struggles, challenges and redemption of a cub reporter based at Binghamton, New York. Get your copy today and meet the hero- Mick Lawton.
Available now to order by calling or emailing. My co-workers remain vivid to me to this day, each and every one. For your signed copy of Here Comes the Sun, send cash or a check in the amount of $20 to: Rod Lee, PO Box 656, Linwood MA 01525
Price: $20

Nance's Nook - A comic tale

Described by one reader as “a total hoot—from start to finish!”—Nance’s Nook looks inside the life of a small neighborhood convenience store, and the customers who frequent the place. Two zany characters who are regular lottery players at Nance’s Nook cannot be forgotten.
Price: $17.95

For Pete’s Sake (2020)

The odyssey of a journalist (Pete Nash) who wrestles with the guilt he feels over disastrous consequences after moving his family from a small town in upstate New York to Worcester, Massachusetts.

Skeptics and detractors would probably say ‘what on earth were you thinking?’ If not at the beginning, then certainly now when my part in the life of the family drama is nearing a close. They would point to the carnage that I am principally responsible for and say ‘you should have left well enough alone. Your wife, your children, deserved better. You put yourself ahead of them and what have you got to show for it?’ They would be right, too. Given the chance to reply (which I am now, in the pages that follow), I would tell them ‘I have said the very same things to myself over and over, since moving the family east in 1985. I am in fact my own worst critic’…
Price: $25

THE MATCH (2018)

The operator of a driving range “tees it up” in a winner-take-all competition in opposition to the attempt by a neighboring country club to grab his land.

Blanche of Apalachin (2012)

A novel based on Rod Lee’s maternal grandmother, Blanche Blossom, a deeply religious woman.

Whole Lotta Shakin’/A Rock & Roll Lover’s Reflections on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (2007)

Rod shares his thoughts on subjects near and dear to his heart including baseball, beaches, motorcycles, faith, train whistles…and America

Shoe Town (2004)

Rod Lee’s memoir of his youth in a village made famous by George F. Johnson’s shoe company, Endicott-Johnson.

"It never occurred to me, when I was fourteen, that my grandfather would stop dancing. Or that I would be anything less than the best athlete on the block or that my hometown of Endicott, New York, would fall to such ruin that I would cringe in embarrassment, years later, at the mere thought of returning from Massachusetts for a visit…"
Price: $25

God Is Our Co-Pilot/The Life and Times of Ross Rajotte—An American Patriot (2002)

A candid portrait of World War II hero and town of Northbridge, Massachusetts icon Rosaire J. Rajotte